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  • The earth is a large magnet
  • we are effected by magnetic field all the time.
  • Like air, water and sunshine, magnet is one of the indispensable factors for us to live.        
  • Under the magnetic field's effect, people form their own magnetic field.
  • As mensurated, heart, lung,brain,muscle and nerve have different levels of micro magnetic field.        
  • But because environment changes, living rhythm speeds up and nerve tenses up, some people's own magnetic field inevitably fouls up.          
  • Scientific research discovers that, supplement -magnetism physical therapeutics can prevent illness, and protect health.      
  •  Also lack of practice of hands and legs is the origin of all illness, in life and work,
  • because of various pressure, people are easy to be fat, blood needle equipment can prevent lack of practice and adult's common illness.